They say that the eyes are the window of the soul and this is why we go to great lengths to keep our eyes looking fresh and young. However, it is increasingly becoming more difficult because busy schedules, working long hours, and exposure to the sun and other harmful elements cause permanently tired, puffy eyes. We personally have spent a couple hundred dollars just trying to find a product that will provide consistent eye relief. Finally, after months of searching and scouring stores and websites for recommendations, we discovered Allure RX and have not switched products ever since.

Allure RX Active Ingredients

Allure RX Skin CareThe secret to the success of Allure RX lies in its ingredients. Allure RX uses Argeriline, a better alternative to Botulinum Toxin which is normally used by other products. It is a unique anti-wrinkle peptide that is known to reduce skin wrinkling. It functions by altering the release of neurotransmitters which affect muscle movement, the primary cause of wrinkling. This active ingredient has been extensively tested and was found to show results for as early as fifteen days after use.

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Other Active Ingredients

Lipogard which act as the skin’s natural shield against harmful sunlight. Exposure to sunlight prematurely ages the skin, and as the eyelids and the skin surrounding the eyes are among the most sensitive, it is more prone to aging. Lipogard restores the lipid barrier to protect the skin, keeping it more elastic and making it firmer and younger-looking. Lipogard is among the most-tested and trusted active ingredients in skin products, and Allure RX has done its homework by including it.

Allure RX also has Glucare which is responsible for enhancing the natural repair process of the skin to heal damaged skin, making recovery time faster. Research shows that the use of Glucare has dramatically decreased the aging of the skin and your eyes will be revitalized because of it, It also has naturabase which is a serum used for mixing the active ingredients together.

It also has Pentavitin (SACCHARIDE ISOMERATE) which is used to bring the keratin to the skin to make the moisture balanced. Aside from rubbing and muscle movement, one of the main causes of wrinkly skin under our eyes is lack of moisture. Exposure to the sun especially without protective glasses or eyeglasses contribute to further dehydration and skin degeneration. pentavitin allows the skin to retain more moisture, keeping the skin shiny and healthy-looking.


Finally, Allure RX uses trylagen PCB which has three functions. First, it boosts collagen synthesis, making skin regeneration faster. Second, it uniformises fibril diameter and spacing to make the pores appear uniform. Lastly, it inhibits enzymatic destruction or the premature aging of the skin. These ingredients together create an outstanding product.

Allure RX Customer Service

We were also impressed with the customer service and after-sales engagement of the company. The sales agent was very thorough and patient when we inquired about the products, always ready with useful information to give an inquisitive customer like me. After we finished my first tube, we called up their hotline and was delighted to be assisted in looking for another branch that carries the product.

We tried ordering online and the delivery has been smooth and hassle-free. We were able to keep track of the purchase and it arrived a day earlier than expected. The producers of Allure RX truly takes care of their customers!

Allure RX Company Quality

Part of the reason why we readily sampled Allure RX was that we had prior experience with their other products before. We tried their supplements and skin care line products and all the products so far have shown to be of good value. This company is slowly but surely building its reputation as one of the most trustworthy and dependable companies online. Looking forward to see what else they have in store for the future.