AndroGenyx is a supplement program that is said to help erectile dysfunction and build testosterone production in males. The product has shown positive results for men struggling with issues related to ED and low testosterone. These symptoms typically occur for a variety of reasons such as stress, illness, aging and low testosterone levels. If you are suffering from any of any of the above health concerns this AndoGenyx review will touch on both Edge HPX and Alpha T-Surge.

“Erectile dysfunction is an epidemic among the males in the world. Men of all ages come down with this embarrassing condition for a variety of reasons.”

About AndroGenyx

A man who succeeds with the product will reap a busload of benefits. One of the most common benefits that such a person will receive is a heightened sense of self-esteem. Men put a lot of weight in how they function romantically. Therefore, a product that can restore a man’s vitality and help with diet & fitness is a product that can restore his confidence.

AndroGenyx Edge HPX

AndroGenyx Edge HPX


AndroGenyx Alpha T-Surge

AndroGenyx Alpha T-Surge


Clients who take AndroGenyx can benefit by saving themselves money, as well. Some of the ED solutions that are available cost a lot of money. Surgery and device implantation are just two of the solutions that can cost a man thousands of dollars. AndroGenyx can slice those bills into pieces.

Ingredients in AndroGenyx

AndroGenyx has blend of ingredients that work together to bring forth positive results. The main ingredients in the product are zinc, niacin, Tongat Ali, agmatine, arginine and the like. Those ingredients work with each other to create a potent solution to one of the most debilitating conditions of them all. The manufacturer knew just what to do to give males the greatest chance of recovering from ED.

How AndroGenyx Works

The product works by kick-starting the body’s testosterone production. That happens because of the elements that are in the pills.

Niacin is an element that everyone needs to take on a daily basis to be healthy. Niacin is responsible for balancing the cardiovascular system. Those who take adequate amounts of niacin will see improved blood flow, lowering cholesterol and regulating blood sugar levels.

Zinc is an element that boosts one’s metabolism, brings stress down to a minimum level and helps the person to manage various diabetes symptoms.

Arginine is yet another substance that works to improve the condition of the user’s heart. A large number of ED victims have diabetes and heart issues. The ED often stems from those two conditions.

How to Take AndroGenyx Pills

The product comes in a capsule form, and it is very easy to take. The usual dosage is two pills every day. The person should take the product with food so that it works with the body’s system to product testosterone. Many people have said that they received positive results from taking these pills in their testimonies.

How to Order AndroGenyx

Ordering AndroGenyx is easy for you if you are interested in trying it. All you have to do is visit the online website and then use your credit or debit card to place your order. The product will be shipped rather quickly, and then you can try it and see if it works for you.

You will have the opportunity to voice your concerns if the product does not act in a manner that you desire. You may even have a money-back guarantee that you can request.


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