Chlorogenix claims to provide obese and overweight people with a solution that will help them get back on the healthy track. It contains ingredients that are said to help boost metabolism without unwanted side effects. This Clorogenix review will cover each ingredient, obesity statistics, potential benefits, and more.

According to the NIH, 68.8 percent of US adults aged 20 and older are considered overweight or obese. More than one in 20 are considered extremely obese. Studies show that of these 20 and up age bracket, 35.7 have a BMI of 33.1 percent.

This data is only composed of people from the USA. Obesity is not exclusive to our country but has become a worldwide problem. This can lead to a number of systemic conditions like Type II diabetes and heart conditions. In some cases, the complications can be fatal.

Why Choose Chlorogenix?

Chlorogenix BottleDiet pills have become a staple in many American households. Sadly, most of them bring about even more complications.

This is why more people are looking for a safe solution that will help boost metabolism.

The one problem that most overweight people deal with is slow metabolism.

Some may have slowed down due to eating disorders or they may have been born with a slower metabolism.

What Does Chlorogenix Contain?

Here are the components of this metabolism booster:


Teacrine delivers long lasting energy. It increases mental clarity while improving mood and motivation. This energy booster provides the same effects as caffeine, minus the jitters, crash and the habituation. It helps motivated sedentary individuals feel the urge to exercise.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Carnitine has been touted for its fat burning properties. This form of carnitine is better than the usual L-carnitine found in many supplements. It is also absorbed by the system better than regular L-carnitine.

Carnitine transports fat across mitonchondral cells. Since acetyl L-carnitine is more potent, more fat is burned compared to L-carnitine, as studies shows it carries more fat than regular L-carnitine.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the best antioxidants in the world. It maintains optimal help and is also said to ward off conditions like cancer. However, it is prized even more for its ability to increase metabolism. Many clinical trials support this and claim that it has a synergistic relationship with noradrenalin (NE).


Caffeine is safe if the right dose is taken. It is present in many drinks and in some types of food. It is linked to sexual arousal, greater motivation, reduced appetite and high athletic endurance.

Caffeine provides energy and focus. It works synergistically with different ingredients to boost weight loss in a safe manner. It shows that it helps release more adiposal fat which can be burned as fuel.


This ingredient is protected by many US patents. It has been clinically tested in placebo-controlled, double-blind and human clinical trials to ensure safety. This is a unique ingredient in a weight loss aid as it helps promote healthy cardiovascular function. It helps the body cope with stress and helps reduce cortisol levels by about 14.1 percent. This helps individuals who stress-eat curb their urge to do so. Therefore, it will help achieve the goal of proper weight management.


This is a naturally-derived extract that helps enhance absorption and bioavailability. It will greatly aid the other ingredients work together harmoniously to achieve desired weight loss results.


This is a green coffee bean extract that is decaffeinated and is proven to be ideal for weight loss. It shows efficiency in managing your weight and benefits overall health as well. It should be taken twice daily, one capsule per meal.

This can provide dedicated users of the product with a weight loss potential of up to 5 kg, compared to the 2.4 kg that is common in placebo takers. This is one of the most potent yet safe weight loss aids in the market.

Chlorogenix Product Label

The Conclusion

Obesity certainly has its dangers. This is why more people are looking for a way to become healthy. However, it would be best to avoid taking just anything in available in the market today. One has to be particular when it comes to choosing the right diet aid.

Chlorogenix is packed with safe and effective weight loss ingredients that will work together to help achieve overall health and wellness. Take 2 capsules once daily to reap the benefits and experience a weight loss experience that is free from side effects like the jitters or palpitations, which are common if one were to use other diet aids available in the market today.



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