The Clean Energy Patch is a skin based solution that claims to give you more energy throughout the day. This review will hit on the how the patch works, an overview of the ingredients, potential side-effects, and where to buy.

What’s a Clean Energy Patch?

Clean Energy Patch ReviewClean Energy Patches work by applying a special formula to Kinesiology tape that’s built into the patch. You absorb all the necessary ingredients into your skin. The technology of the patch allows an equal dose of ingredients to absorb through the skin within an 8-hour time frame.

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Two things most people can never get enough of is time and energy. While there’s no way to control time, you can boost your energy to make the most of it.

Many look to their favorite coffee drink to give them that extra oomph, but that soon wears off and has you craving the next one. Not to mention the side affects of crashing, shakiness and hunger it may cause.

The Clean Energy Patch Review

Clean Energy Patch, a product of XEP, Inc., claims to be a quick and easy way to level your mood and boost your performance. It’s small and convenient to use. The patch isn’t noticeable and doesn’t get in the way of daily routines. It’s even water-resistant in most cases.

With this method, there are no pills or powders to take, and no liquids to drink. It’s also calorie free, so you neither feel or look full from packing on excess calories or drinking unnecessary drinks.

There is no indication to hidden products that can cause harmful side affects. Think of it as a way to get through sports, studying, or extra activities in your day without needing a pot of coffee or sugary energy drinks. It doesn’t overdo the energy levels or put you in a different state of being. The patch uplifts your mood, puts you in a positive state, and improves your focus.

Clean Energy Patch Ingredients

Clean Energy Patch ReviewThe name alone says a lot about the purity of its ingredients.

Each Clean Energy Patch contains 35 mg of caffeine. It’s the same amount you’d get from a can of soda without the added garbage and calories. Other ingredients in the patch include Guarana and Cacao. The plant-derived ingredients are natural forms of caffeine.

Guarana’s origin is South American, being first discovered in the Amazon and it’s also commonly found in Brazil. The plant-based seed is also known as Brazilian Cocoa. Research suggests that the supplement enhances your ability to think quickly and contributes to the calming affect. Evidence also suggests it supports weight loss.

Cacao is commonly known as the cocoa bean. Familiar products made from cacao are cocoa, cocoa butter, and beloved chocolate. The superfood also has Amazon roots and many health benefits, including being an antioxidant, great source of iron. It may be seen as a natural anti-depressant and mood enhancer.

Safety & Case Studies

Clean Energy Patches have not been reviewed by the FDA or clinically tested by the XEP, Inc. However, it is well below the permitted levels of caffeine based on standards from athletic organizations like the International Olympic committee and the NCAA. Cacoa and Guarana are also on their approved list of caffeine products.

Like with any supplement, there are limitations and you should take it with discretion. Pay attention to your own body and the caffeine tolerance you’re accustomed to. The company recommends you use no more than two patches per day. With daily use, you should also alternate the spot where you apply the patch. In certain cases, you should seek a health professional before use of this product.

Price of the Clean Energy Patch

Since today’s world penalizes those who are health conscious and use natural products, most would expect to find a product with so many potential benefits to be costly. Prices of the Clean Energy Patch vary by quantity, but you can get it without breaking the bank.

  • 10 Pack for $3.00/patch +S&H
  • 20 pack for $59.99 +S&H
  • 40 pack for $69.99 FREE SHIPPING
Subscribers also get an additional discount. The more committed you are, the more you save. 

Exclusive Discount on The Clean Energy Patch

Let’s recap. The Clean Energy Patch is small, lightweight, and inexpensive.

There are no necessary pills, powders, or mixes. In fact, you don’t have to drink or ingest it at all. No worries about feeling overloaded, crashing, feeling shaky, or having digestive problems. It also stays put and puts out energy for eight hours. Lastly, the best part is ingredients are have been shown to benefit the mind and body in reasonable quantities.


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