Eye Actives is an anti-wrinkle serum that claims to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. The product has been clinically tested for its ability to decrease wrinkle appearance. Due to Eye Actives’ advanced ingredients, other reviewers have said it brightens and rejuvenates dull skin tone, along with lightening dark spots. Learn more about Eye Actives in further detail with the full review.

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About Eye Actives

Eye Actives has caught the attention of quite a few big publications, including Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Allure. The product is designed to work on different skin types, due to its “serum” nature and can potentially help aging skin in a variety of ways.

The following are results you could potentially experience from using Eye Actives:

Eye Actives Review• Rapid reduction in wrinkles

• Removal of unwanted age spots
• Increased skin cells’ hydration
• Strengthened epidermal safety
• Smoothened facial skin surface
• Minimized fine line appearance
• Enhanced skin elasticity
• Collagen growth stimulation
• Increased pore cleansing
• Reversed physical aging signs

Key Eye Active Ingredients

Antioxidants: The product’s robust antioxidant blend may counter free radical damage.

Sny-ake Peptide: This peptide has advanced wrinkle-fighting traits that could be significantly effective at fighting and mitigating wrinkles. In fact, a study conducted by an independent body showed reduction in forehead wrinkles by close to 52 percent in 4 weeks.

Argireline®np: This neuropeptide helps the facial muscles relax safely and may prevent wrinkle formation. According to experts, Argireline®np is the best sans-needle cosmetic injection alternative, and has been shown to potentially decrease wrinkle depth.

Hydresia SF2: Hydresia SF2 can stimulate fibroblasts, which results in elastin fibers and collagen production, potentially causing the skin to look and feel less wrinkled and more elastic. Also, the ingredient has a cohesive impact on the epidermal cells, which can cause the skin to become softer.

Ceramide Complex CLRTM K: This is a carrot extract that may tone and revitalize the skin, which comes in more than handy in cases of eczema, dermatitis, and rashes. The rejuvenating effect on the skin may seem magical since one might notice not just skin softening and smoothening, but also skin rejuvenation and cell growth.

Matrixyl 3000: Matrixyl 3000 is a blend of strong antioxidant vitamins that you usually find in cucumber in the form of vitamins C, A, and E. These could help the body expel dead skin cells and free radicals. The antioxidants may stimulate fresh cell growth, with the end result potentially being smoother, softer and radiant skin.

DermalRxl HydroSeal: This anti-wrinkle ingredient merges proteins and peptides, shich may help increase collagen production, and prevent skin degradation.

The product’s advanced formula also claims to ensure necessary hydration and assist with skin rebuilding, thanks to the serum’s moisture-retaining abilities.

How to Order Eye Actives

The product is fairly new to the market and, therefore, there aren’t many e-commerce sites selling the serum. At the moment, you can buy the product only at the company’s official site. However, there’s no clear information regarding pricing.

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The home page of the site encourages new buyers to avail the trial package for free. For the trial package, you must furnish specific contact and shipping details, which includes your name, contact number, and shipping address.

You’d also be prompted to give your payment details as the free package isn’t inclusive of shipping costs. At the moment, only residents of the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom can benefit from the trial package. Buyers from other countries of the world would have to wait before Eyes Active opens up to other countries.

The trial period lasts for a month. Once you’ve finished the trial duration and haven’t opted out of the trial period or cancelled your membership with the site, you’ll be charged the retail price of the product. If you’re happy with the product and foresee a monthly supply, you can automate the process. If you believe the product is not your type, contact the customer service team and get your membership cancelled.



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