Faux Freckles is a company that sells a variety of fake freckles kits for different skin tones and textures. Within a short time period, the company has grabbed headlines and has been featured on a variety of established beauty and news websites. We will uncover the truth behind this new trend with the full Faux Freckle review.

The beauty industry is currently buzzing with a rather unique beauty trend. If you’re not sure what we are talking about, it’s “faux freckles” or fake freckles.

Fuax Freckle ReviewThis is probably the first time that something, which was always considered non-glamorous, is getting recognized as a positive beauty trait. Though fake freckles are far from being a mainstream beauty trend, it’s certainly heartening to see ladies embracing and viewing something that was earlier only looked at as a genetic disorder as beautiful.

Now, a lot of women are trying to create fake freckles, and there are some brands that are helping them in their pursuits.


Faux Freckle Products

Faux Freckles is not just following a happening beauty trend, but it’s trying to be the expert in the domain. And the variety of products and attention to detail when designing each product proves why Faux Freckles is the “uncrowned queen” in this beauty sub-domain. Let’s take a brief look at its product range.

Freckles for Days

Freckles for Days provides a non-permanent beautification effect, lasting for a maximum of 48 hours. The package comprises One Dark Brown, One Light Brown, and One 24k Gold pack. Each package offers one sheet, which has a couple of nose stencils, and four cheek bone stencils.

Dual Palette, Light & 24k Gold

This dual palette package comprises metallic yellow gold freckles that are shaped “imperfectly perfect”. The other package comprises conventional light brown freckles that also have the identical shape variations.

Dual Palette, Dark & 24k Gold

There are two packages and one of them comprise gold metallic yellow freckles similar to the previous dual palette package. The other package has dark brown freckles with similar shape variations.

Dual Palette, Light & Dark

This package comprises varied variants of medium to dark and light to medium perfectly imperfect brown shapes.

All of the aforementioned products’ effects last a maximum of 48 hours, based on the type of skin they’re being applied on. The products are non-toxic, dermatologically tested for safety and, most importantly, are quite easy to apply. You’ll need some warm water during the application stage, however.

Contrary to common belief, freckles are not round; they occur in different sizes. Faux Freckles is aware of this reality and offers fake freckles in a range of sizes and shapes, making its freckles look as real as possible.

Application Instructions & Guidelines

Before application, wash and pat dry your skin. Your skin must be clean, free of makeup and oils. Take the product and remove the protective, clear top sheet. Now press the product adhesive firmly onto dry, clean skin with the design facing down. Once done, take a wet cloth and hold it against the rear of the freckles. Keep pressing down for 30 seconds and then peel off the paper backing.

This application process works for all the freckle variations aforementioned. If you want to remove the freckles, saturate the freckles with some baby oil.

Let the saturation process continue for 10 seconds. Then, rub the freckles gently in circular motions using a cotton ball.

These fake freckles do not work on makeup. Quite a few ladies have tried blending the two and have failed miserably. It is imperative the skin is clean, which means zero makeup or heavy moisturizers. People with dry skin can use a moisturizer before applying the freckles. Makeup can be applied atop the freckles. As aforementioned, the products are non-toxic, meaning they do not contain dyes and perfumes. But, if you have easily irritable, sensitive skin, it’s recommended to carry out a spot test before going all guns blazing!


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