Hair frizzes. Sometimes it’s because of climate, sometimes because of genetics, but usually a combination of the two. In this un-biased Review of a new product called Hair Warrior we will reveal if this product can help stop frizziness, the ingredients, and potential side effects.

Yes, often frizz is caused by too much moisture in the environment – humidity, rain, etc. However the real reason for frizzy hair is that there is more moisture on the outside (climate), than on the inside of the hair strand itself.

“Women, and increasing numbers of men spend a fortune treating the symptoms of frizzing without ever reaching the root of the problem.”

Hair Warrior ReviewWe buy oils and waxes that leave our hair greasy and heavy in the hopes of keeping them tamed. We spend 100’s on flat irons that suck even more moisture out of our delicate hair. Unfortunately, the Hydration problem persists.

You may have seen another Hair Warrior review out there, as there are several. But they don’t all touch on the science of Hair Warrior.

This Hair Warrior review will enlighten you as to how it can help your hair.

First of all, let’s talk about our bodies. We are 85% water. It keeps our organs running properly, our blood clean, and our skin healthy (the skin is the outer representation of the liver). In aid of this, we eat right, take vitamins, and drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. At least we would, in a perfect world!

Sometimes we get into situations like illness or air travel that dehydrate us and knock our bodies off balance. In these instances, we take an electrolyte supplement to rebalance us and keep the necessary minerals inside, and we up our water intake.

Now imagine your hair like you see your body. It gets dehydrated from time to time, and looks frizzy and unhealthy.

Hair Warrior is like an electrolyte for your hair. It doesn’t just seal water in like the popular dry oils on the market; it actually ADDS water to each strand of hair. Hair looks fuller, shinier, smoother, and it is healthy.

It starts with rehydrating the strands, and keeping them hydrated. Hair Warrior contains bamboo and Pro-Vitamin B5 rehydrate hair from root to tip. Even if you color your hair, which can be abusive, these ingredients replenish what is taken away through day-to-day dehydration, coloring, and styling. Split ends are reduced, and the overall effect is smoother hair.

Then there’s quinoa to repair damage and toughening up the hair. We consume quinoa as a protein, to feed muscle in our bodies. You hair benefits in the same way. The amino acids in quinoa repair damage to the hair shaft, and the proteins plump hair up. It adds body without sticky chemicals, because it works from the inside out.

Keeping it clean. Clean hair isn’t really about shampoo. It’s more about the scalp. The green tea, eucalyptus, and rosemary extracts in Hair Warrior are antibacterial antioxidants. What does that mean? It means they keep the scalp free of bacteria, and protect the scalp and hair from environmental stress. Pollutants, weather, hair products – they all take their toll. But these ingredients help by fighting off toxins we encounter daily. The eucalyptus has the added benefit of making hair feel more alive, with more bounce.

Finally, after all that healing and repair, the organic oils smooth the hair shaft and decrease the vulnerability to humidity. Argan, abyssinian, and jojoba seed oils all add shine and protect color.

But this wouldn’t be an effective hair Hair Warrior review without a reminder to feed your body right, minimize the damage from smoking and drinking, and drink lots of water. If your body is healthy, your hair stands a better chance of looking healthy.

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