Committed to providing consumers everywhere with high-quality health and beauty supplements, Heritage Health LLC also known as Heritage Healthy Living offers up a whole host of products to choose from. Products being offered by Heritage Health LLC are designed to improve the health of hair, skin, and nails, as well as help with weight loss and/or weight maintenance.

These products are divided into three main categories – natural dietary supplements, muscle building supplements, and skin & beauty supplies.

Heritage Healthy Living

Natural Dietary Supplements

My M Garcinia

My M Garcinia is designed to aid and enhance weight loss by blocking the absorption of fats into the body. One of the active ingredients in this supplement is Metabo Garcinia, made primarily from a powerful premium grade extract of a pumpkin-shaped, Southeast Asian fruit known as Garcinia Cambogia.

This powerful extract, when coupled with exercise and diet, is highly effective in helping persons to lose weight. In addition to the natural Garcinia Cambodia Extract, this supplement also contains a whopping 60% of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), a Garcinia Cambodia derivative.

My M Green Coffee

Another weight loss supplement in the Heritage Health LLC line of product, Meta Coffee Slim is specially formulated using the active ingredient of green coffee bean extract. Green coffee beans are coffee beans that are raw, fresh, and in their uncoated, unprocessed natural state, and green coffee bean extract is (as the name suggests) a natural compound extracted from the same.

Green coffee bean extract is a natural source of chlorogenic acid, and a compound designed to limit the body’s release of glucose, thereby forcing the body to metabolize fat for energy as opposed to glucose/sugars. In addition, to this supplement supporting the body’s metabolic process, it also nourishes the body’s overall health.

Muscle Building Supplements


Crevboost is formulated to be used alongside an existing workout program and consists of a blend of premium ingredients, all combined to enhance performance and support muscle building.


With one of the active ingredients being testosterone, Testaboost is designed to combat conditions such as andropause, enhance male overall performance and sex drive, as well as increase muscle mass. The product combines a special blend of five ingredients which also has the effects of increasing energy, stamina, and blood flow.

Skin & Beauty Supplies

My Glamorous Skin Serum

My Glamorous Skin is a skin serum that rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin, resulting in skin looking younger, healthier, and more attractive. The supplement works by enhancing and supporting the natural repair processes of the skin.

My Dazzling Eyes Youth Eye Gel

A specially formulated serum containing the powerful anti-aging active ingredients SYN-COIL and DUPONT GLYPUIRE. These ingredients help to restore and firm the skins. Symptoms of aging such as fine lines, eye bags, crow’s feet, dark circles, and sagging skin are all treatable, and in many ways reversible using this serum.

All the products in the Heritage Health LLC line work as long as they are used according to the given directions. Of course, the rate at which results are experienced will differ from person-to-person.

As far as purchasing and using these products is concerned, consumers can opt to either purchase the individual supplement they may need, or opt for bundle options in cases where more than one is needed or desired. For more information, be sure to visit the official Heritage Healthy Living.