This I’nate Scientific Review touches on the products, ingredients, and value behind the skin care company. I’nate manufactures top-notch cosmetic products with numerous anti-aging properties. All the products produced by the company are infused with yeast beta glucan. This active ingredient has been proven to reduce the skin’s aging effects and strengthening the body’s immunity.

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I'nate Scientific Skin Care ReviewWhat’s more, when used in skin care products, the ingredient protects the skin’s Langerhans cells from direct UV sunlight. This has made all products produced by Inate Scientific effective at protecting the skin.

I’nate Scientific products are based on the work of research scientist Walter S. The Ph.D. holder discovered back in 1990 that yeast beta glucan has many beneficial properties to the human skin.


Due to this instrumental discovery, a scientific study was conducted to find out the effects of this ingredient on the skin. A controlled study sample of 150 participants (aged 35-60) was selected. The results proved the potency of Yeast Beta Glucan. Participants saw a 47 percent improvement in skin wrinkling and a 60 percent increase in firmness. They also saw a perceived reduction of their age by 15 years based on their facial appearance.

I’nate Scientific was started to offer excellent skincare products to the market. In addition, it has specialized in the production and supply of the INATE yeast beta glucan, a high quality and potent active ingredient. Below are some of the company’s products.

I’nate Skin Moisturizer

The I’nate skin moisturizer is composed of a rich formula that includes the yeast beta glucan active ingredient. Beta glucan has been associated with a 34 percent increase in skin cell renewal as well as a 26 percent increase in healthy skin color. On top of this, the moisturizer penetrates deep into the skin layers to provide hydration to skin cells.

The end results are an improved skin texture with no dark or sun spots, reduced redness, and minimal appearance of pores. The yeast beta glucan formula makes the skin smooth, tight and healthy. Its anti-aging technology further leaves the skin looking younger that it actually is by restoring its natural firmness. It comes in a 30ml bottle that costs $89.95.

iNR Wellness

This is a pure, reliable and all-natural form of advanced beta glucan currently found in the market. It is highly potent and realizes positive results within a short time. When combined with other I’nate products, iNR Wellness maximizes the effects realized by these products. This leaves the skin healthy, radiant and looking younger. Beta Glucan also activates the body’s immune system, which positively affects the skin’s health. A stronger immunity means a healthy looking skin. The product’s price has been slashed from $89.95 to $39.95.

I’nate Ageless Serum

This serum restores the youthful look and feel of the skin because it contains yeast beta glucan. It boosts the skin’s youthful radiance making it smoother and firmer. Users generally experience reduced wrinkling and appearance of fine lines. It hydrates skin cells, reduces puffiness and increases the skin’s elasticity. Additionally, the ageless serum removes dead skin cells revealing an even-toned complexion. To realize optimal results, this serum should be used with the I’nate moisturizing cream. It costs $89.95.

I’nate Eye Gel

This is a fast absorbing and age delaying solution specifically suited to the eye area. It hydrates the skin located around the eye area leading to reduced circling and puffiness. It is enriched with beta glucan, an anti-aging agent that leaves the area around the eyes soft, firm and refreshed.

The skincare products from I’nate Scientific have numerous anti-aging properties. This leaves the skin hydrated, firm, smooth and stronger. On top of this, yeast beta glucan improves the immunity of the body which is reflected in a healthy looking skin. I’nate Scientific’s yeast beta glucan product is purchased by several of the leading cosmetic companies in the world to be used in their own product lines. The company offers 15-day and 30-day trials and money back guarantees.

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