This in-depth Intelleral review will touch on the product ingredients, benefits, case studies, and over value and rating.

Caffeine has long been used as a stimulant source to improve focus, mental alertness, and concentration. However, its effects quickly wear off necessitating the need to continue taking the stimulant. This causes uneven periods of highs and lows and is thus, ineffective for situations where acute focus is required for hours.

A potential solution comes in the form of a natural focus stimulant that is made from coffee beans. This in-depth Intelleral review will touch on the product ingredients, benefits, case studies, and over value and rating.

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Intelleral Natural FocusWhat is Intelleral?

Intelleral is a new natural focus stimulant that has been shown to improve, and sustain, mental alertness and focus for up to 6 hours.
It also has no side effects. This innovative product has undergone extensive clinical studies by the revered Cleveland Clinic, arguably a top rated clinic in the U.S.


The Science behind Intelleral

Energy drinks and roasted coffee are known to deliver caffeine too quickly to the brain. However, this energy boost is not sustained for long. For continued sustenance, one must regularly take coffee or an energy drink. In addition, caffeine has several known side effects including insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, increased heart rate, and stomach irritation.

Intelleral contains Whole Green Coffee Powder (WGCP) that delivers caffeine to the brain slowly over time. This is the major difference between Intelleral and other caffeinated products. The result is a smooth transition of energy levels (onset and offset) over several hours. This allows the user to remain alert and maintain their focus for hours. The icing on the cake is that this stimulant has no side effects.


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Ingredients Used in Intelleral

Intelleral’s main ingredient is the Whole Green Coffee Powder commonly referred to as WGCP. Once a coffee berry ripens, it is harvested and a green coffee bean is removed. The bean is then sundried (as opposed to roasting) to preserve its color, caffeine, fiber, antioxidants, and nutrients. It later undergoes a special process that utilizes the bean’s fiber, caffeine, and acids to come up with WGCP.

2. Acids
Chlorogenic acid is found in ripe green coffee beans. When combined with caffeine, it increases one’s focus. It also reduces blood sugar levels, has an anti-diabetic effect, and promotes weight loss. Other acids found in Intelleral are dicaffeoylquinc acid, neochlorogenix acid, and Feruloylquinic acid.

3. Antioxidants
Due to its ability to preserve the natural ingredients of a coffee bean, WGCP contains essential antioxidants that are required by the body to counter and balance off free radicals.

4. Natural Caffeine
Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system. This causes increased alertness levels, reduces fatigue, and lifts a person’s mood.

Benefits of Intelleral

Excellent study aid: Intelleral is an effective study aid in that it allows the user to remain focused and alert. This allows them to study for hours without interruption.

No side effects: Clinical studies conducted by The Cleveland Clinic and The University of Tampa show that this stimulant has no side effects.

No prescription required: Since Intelleral has no side effects, it is easily purchased without the need for a doctor’s prescription.

Prolonged hours of focus: Intelleral has been proven to increase a user’s alertness levels for up to 6 hours. This offers enough time to concentrate in their work or studies.

Effective in 1 hour: Intelleral’s effects immediately set in after 1 hour. What’s more, it offers a smooth onset and offset transition of stimulation.

Value & Discounts

Intelleral Natural Focus Stimulant can only be purchased after making an order on the company’s website. From September 1, 2016, the product is reported to be in stock. All orders are shipped within 24 hours after making a purchase. There are also 250 free trials offered daily.

It is normal to face cognitive challenges during various periods of the day. These challenges prevent you from having an optimal productive day as well as hitting and sustaining peak performances.

Adding a focus supplement can allow you to significantly increase your daily productivity rate. The new Intelleral product is used as an effective study aid, to protect precious memories, boosting the user’s energy in the morning, and sustaining this energy throughout their day.

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Case Studies

[1] Cleveland Clinic: Currently one of the best rated hospitals in the U.S., The Cleveland Clinic conducted a thorough study into the effects of WGCP. It found out that the ingredient is a powerful stimulant capable of sustaining focus and alertness levels for hours.

[2] The University of Tampa: The study conducted by the university found out that WGCP can sustain energy released for up to 8 hours. That too without crashing.

[1] Cleveland Clinic Case Study on WGCP

[2] University of Tampa Clinical Trial





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