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TS Health LLC Review

TS Health Shop Review

TS Health LLC is a website that sells health and beauty products; they claim their products have natural ingredients and will save you money.

TS Health LLC Review (Website)

The first thing you see when you input the TS Health Shop link and go to their website is a large form to order a FREE bottle of their product. Not sure which product I would receive but I filled out the form and clicked. I will update the post once I receive the sample.

Scrolling down a little further, it says that “Wholesales are Available from $199.95”; although I am not sure which products or quantity cost that much. I also noted some spelling and grammar glitches on the site (minor but worth mentioning).

The only other issue was that some of the product ingredients were not listed.

TS Health LLC Review (Products) offers six different products at this time. Let’s look at each of them.

1.) MetaGarciniaSlim – This is a Garcinia Cambogia product with 60 percent hydroxycitric acid (HCA). Clinical trials have proven that Garcinia may inhibit the absorption of fat and help in a healthy weight loss plan, along with proper diet and exercise. Unfortunately, when I tried to order this product, it took me to that same order form with the broken link.

2.) MetaGCoffeeSlim – This is another weight loss aid that utilizes green coffee beans, and products like it have received a lot of good press lately. It seems that green coffee beans contain a healthy dose of chlorogenic acid, which keeps the body from releasing too much glucose and spiking body sugar. Instead, your body’s fat stores are used for energy, encouraging weight loss. Another good supplement to try for weight loss support.

3.) Crevboost – This product helps bodybuilders by helping to support building muscle and accelerates muscle recovery time. It has a proprietary formula and was tested exclusively for TS Health LLC.

4.) Testaboost – This is a product designed to help men with erectile dysfunction, and it has a proprietary blend of five ingredients to help with energy, stamina and blood flow.

5.) My Glamorous Skin – This is a skin serum designed to bring back a youthful glow. It features a proprietary blend with Densiskin and Matrixyl3000.

6.) My Dazzling Eyes Youth Eye Gel – The eyes are typically the first part of our face to show their age, and this gel was created to combat those fine lines. The company says that Dupont Glypuire and Syn-coil are the ingredients included which keep skin firm, unlined and sag free.

TS Health LLC Review (Overall)

The company has great reviews and a strong product line with fair pricing. This website offers what appears to be some great products that are helpful for health and beauty. Descriptions of the products are available but they could have some more detail.

The design is clear and sleek and for the most part the website functionality does exactly what it needs to. As things stand at the moment, visitors can get an overview of all the products and click through to purchase or request a sample.

Legendary Beard Supplement Review

Beard Supplements

A lot can be said about Legendary Beard Co., but what really matters is the core difference between this company and others. At the core of this company lies 4 goals: great beard growth supplements, interface experience, checkout experience, and customer satisfaction.

A Beard Supplement Worth Its Bounty

Vitamin B Complex, which is also known as Biotin has been shown to promote skin and hair health. This is one of the key ingredients in the Beard Growth Blend by Legendary Beard Co. This active ingredient boosts beard hair hydration and dermal nourishment, which helps promote growth. Biotin also helps stimulate dormant beard hair follicles, which is the key for thick, healthy hair. This is an important feature since a beard can look somewhat uneven with dormant hair.

Remember that Legendary Beard Co. also offers other oils that assist in growth, like the Beard Oil.

User Experience Explored

User experience is off the charts in regards to this particular site. The key to an easy experience is simplicity, which is something that Legendary Beard Co. understood. The page is simple to navigate and has a welcoming vibe. Not to mention that it speaks to most of the customers who visit the page, like millennials. But even baby boomers will have a pleasant experience maneuvering around the website as well.

Checkout is a Breeze

The website’s usability should be admired. For one, it is very simple to check out since the site offers people the opportunity to use internet-based wallets, PayPal, major credit cards, or debit cards, just to name a few options. The process itself is as simple as choosing an item, putting it in a shopping card and buying it. That is all one has to do, well, that and choosing how quickly the product should be delivered.

The price range depends on the product. For one, the beard supplement is $49.99, which is more than fair.

Are Customers Satisfied?

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of a company’s life. Making sure the customer experience is great is a prelude to how good the product or service really is. Legendary Beard Co. ensures that their customers are happy with their products, like the beard growth supplement. This particular supplement has been shown to be effective, which is causing many clients to purchase the item again and again. This is one of the key reasons why Legendary Beard Co. is known for results.

Customers have also found the other products helpful. Many customers enjoy the beard comb, which helps massage the hair follicles that should help redistribute the natural oils usually found near the hair’s scalp. The comb is made from natural ingredients as well. This particular comb only costs $4.25.

There is a lot that the Legendary Beard Company can offer to cool, creative, and unique individuals seeking to impress others with powerful, healthy beards. You can even find tips on styling, growth, and grooming on their ‘Resources’ page if you want to learn a little more about beards.

To Learn More About Legendary Beard Co. and Their New Beard Supplement Click The Link Below:




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