With so many supplements on the market, there’s an increasing need to decipher which ones are keepers and which ones aren’t. This ProbioStress review is here to help you do just that. We will look at all the benefits, pros and cons of this new product by SmartBiotics.

UPDATED: Exclusive ProbioStress Discount Available

About ProbioStress

ProbioStress ReviewMade by the folks at SmartBiotics, ProbioStress is a digestive health probiotic supplement designed to provide both stress and digestive system relief to regular users.

The product contains a host of active ingredients designed to help boost functions such as mental clarity, and promoting safe digestive support while reducing cortisol levels.

The active ingredients and the benefits therein are to promote a healthy response to stresses of everyday life on the body – such as overwork and fatigue.

How It Works: Probiotics vs Psychobiotics

ProbioStress works by utilizing the gut-brain connection. The bacteria in the gut (or digestive tract) significantly affects the brain in a number of ways starting with the ability to alter one’s mood for better or worse. As such, probiotic formulas designed to tackle gut bacteria in a way that helps improve mood or reduce stress are referred to as psychobiotics. This ProbioStress review – based on the nature of ProbioStress and how it is designed to work – would place the ProbioStress product in this category.

ProbioStress Ingredients

As stated prior, ProbioStress has a lot of active ingredients. These ingredients are specially formulated to ensure functions like easing diarrhea, gas, constipation, and bloating while increasing gastrointestinal comfort. This is done through the specially formulated ingredient called LactoSpore.

LactoSpore is a probiotic strain that works to provide intestinal relief by surviving the harsh pH imbalances that exist in the stomach. The positive response of gut flora during moments of occasional stress and strain.

Another important ingredient in ProbioStress is WellMood. It regulates the gut-brain connection by reducing the levels of the stress hormone in the body (cortisol). By reducing cortisol levels and rebalancing gut Flora, this function allows users to better handle occasional anxiety and stressful situation over time. A healthy living response to daily stressors and support of increased concentration, clarity, and alertness.

KSM-66 is the active ingredient most responsible for directly combating stress and positively affecting mood. It works to balance the stress levels as far they relate to everyday stressors and triggers.

Active Ingredients & Supporting Agents

In addition to specially formulated active ingredients that directly go to work in achieving all that the product promises to be, there are also ingredients that effectively function as agents. These agents support the active ingredients – helping them to work the way they should for optimum results. One of the major agent ingredients noted in this Probiostress review is that of BioPerine.

BioPerine is a black pepper fruit extract designed to aid the absorption of the KSM-66 ingredient. In this way, BioPerine helps you relax quickly as it maximizes the stress reduction benefits enjoyed from the KSM-66 ingredient.


Directions For Use

Available in capsule form, one simply takes one capsule with a glass of water twice per day. The capsule is taken once with breakfast and once with dinner. This should be repeated while supplies last. ProbioStress normally retails as a 90-day product, offering up 60 capsules per month. However, there is currently a Limited VIP Trial option. With this option, you get a 15-day supply of the product complete with 30 capsules.

How to Buy ProbioStress

In light of all the benefits that this supplement affords, ProbioStress is a very affordable. Getting your hands on a month’s supply will cost $69.99.

UPDATED: Exclusive ProbioStress Discount Available 

Persons can opt to purchase a 15-day trial at $2.99 plus shipping and handling. Ordering the product (whether at full price or as a trial option) is also a pretty straightforward process. CLICK HERE to Claim Your Sample


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