In this thoroughly researched, un-biased review of SlimFit 180 we will touch on the program, benefits, potential side-effects, and active ingredients that go into the product. We will also focus on pricing and what is offered as part of signing up for the program. Read the full SlimFit 180 review below:

About The SlimFit 180

SlimFit 180 Review
Unlike other garcinia cambogia products, this is a full weight management system!

People who sign-up using the link below are able to try the Slim Fit 180 just by paying for the shipping costs.

This product comes with all the tools to be successful in reaching their target weight-loss goals…

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What You Get?

The full SlimFit 180 Program comes with a month supply. This should help speed the weight-loss process but once again, it is not enough to achieve optimal results.

The program also includes “The Complete Xtreme Diet Manual” which provides users with tips to becoming slim and fit with the help of a healthy Mediterranean diet to help boost weight loss without causing hunger pangs.

It comes with “The Gourmet Diet Cookbook” which contains healthy and delicious recipes. Dieters will feel sated and recharged after trying out these wonderful meals. It promotes rapid yet safe weight loss with the help of a plant-based diet, healthy fats, whole grains and both herbs and spices for flavor.

Exercise is necessary to ensure that the body becomes tight and taut. The SlimFit 180 program is inclusive of “The Xtreme Fitness Video Series” which includes exercises to help you achieve your dream figure. The workouts include low-impact Pilates and strength-training routines with or without weights. It comes with motivational aspects to encourage you as well.

There are three issues of “International Health & Fitness Magazine” which contain useful tips and tricks that were carefully put together to help boost motivation and weight loss. It contains advice from the best and brightest in the weight-loss industry.

The program also includes support and direct access to the SlimFit 180 Experts. The success team is composed of the in-house physician, a certified nutritionist and a certified trainer.

Purchasing the program provides you with lifetime access to the “Diet Playbook” which is a private membership website. This allows you access to powerful site tools that will help you track your progress and your calorie intake. There are apps that provide you with ways to maximize your weight loss and cheat-sheets too.


Active Ingredients

Garcinia cambogia is considered a superfood. Otherwise known as the Malabar tamarind, it is considered a potent weight-loss supplement. Aside from working as an appetite suppressant, it also aids in weight loss by making the body unable to create new fat cells.

The active ingredient that is used is found in the rind of the fruit. It contains hydroxycitric acid or HCA. Studies show that it has the ability to boost fat-burning, otherwise called thermogenesis, and can block an enzyme named citrate lyase. This enzyme helps the body create fat.

HCA can also raise serotonin found in the brain. This explains why people who take garcinia cambogia supplements are able to curb their food cravings reasonably. The optimal dose of garcinia cambogia is 70%. This is the amount that SlimFit 180’s GCXT-70 contains.

Potential Benefits of SlimFit 180

No Side Effects: Garcinia Cambogia is naturally-occurring. There are no additives and synthetic ingredients used in GCXT-70.

Appetite Suppression: GCXT-70 provides you with ample appetite suppression due to its effect on serotonin, making you able to control cravings that can derail your weight-loss goals.

Healthy Meal Plans: The recipes in the cookbook are guaranteed nutrient-rich and filling. Hunger will not be an issue on this program.

Support from Experts: Access to a support team can impact your diet significantly. This allows you to have all your queries answered when you need them answered.

Easy Workout Plan: The workout plans provided work directly on target areas and are low-impact enough for people who are used to the sedentary lifestyle. It is not as physically-tasking as other regimens in the market today and helps provide strength training as well.

Slim Fit 180 Pricing

You have the option to pay for your program one time at $199.80 or go for three payments of $99.90, whatever suits your current financial situation best. UPDATE: A trial offer of the SlimFit 180 Program is now available to see if it’s the best fit for you.

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