Striction BP is a supplement that is designed to manage the effects of blood pressure in an efficient manner. High blood pressure or hypertension is a medical condition in which an individual’s long-term force of the blood against the artery walls are high enough to cause health complications. Taking a closer look at the Striction BP is key to determining if it is effective. This Striction BP Review will touch on the main ingredients, benefits, side-effects, how to buy, and available discounts.

Benefits of Striction BP

Striction BP ReviewOne of the reasons this supplement has steadily grown in popularity is that it is available in an easy to swallow capsule. Individuals that use it are required to take it twice daily. It has gone through various clinical tests which have resulted in positive outcome with regards to dealing with high blood pressure.

The supplement is made of 100 percent natural ingredients and this makes it possible for it to easily blend with the body without causing any negative side effects.

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It is worth noting that most drugs designed to manage blood pressure end up causing side effects such as erectile dysfunction, sleep problems, leg cramps and fatigue.

When compared to other drugs in the market, Striction BP is relatively cheaper. This means that just about anyone can afford to manage their medical condition through the supplement. The supplement is produced in a FDA certified laboratory meaning it conforms to all the standards of quality and safety required by law.

Striction BP ingredients

Ceylon Cinnamon – some of the benefits associated with this ingredient include weight loss and improvement of blood sugar and triglycerides. The ingredient also works to improve liver health.

Magnesium Malate – this ingredient is known to have benefits including soothing and energizing muscle cells. The ingredient also promotes production of energy and ATP synthesis.

Vitamin B6 – this ingredient is sometimes referred to as pyridoxamine. It is known to have benefits such as stimulating co-enzamytic activities, protecting the immune system, hormonal control and management of skin conditions.

Among the problems they may be experienced by individuals with high blood pressure condition include heart attack, stroke, heart failure, metabolic syndrome, aneurysm, memory problems, thickened or narrowed blood vessels and narrowed or torn blood vessels around the eyes. Other complications that may arise include insomnia, loss of taste, depression, skin rash, asthma symptoms and cold hands or feet.


When combined under the Striction BP formulation, these ingredients have been proven to reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The ingredients have properties that improve blood circulation throughout the human body meaning that individuals benefits from better distribution of nutrients and oxygen. With a reduction in blood pressure, individuals are less likely to experience complications such as heart attack and weakened blood vessels.

It is important to note that the supplement effectively reduces blood cholesterol which may otherwise cause hardening of the arteries or complications arising from clogged blood vessels. Individuals that suffer from high or low blood sugar levels are likely to manage the condition since the supplement improves balance. The supplement also provides a jolt of anti-oxidants that help improve the strength of the cells.

Where to buy Striction BP

While the product may be available in select stores most customers place their orders through the online portal The portal has a simple layout that allows just about anyone to browse through the contents in a matter of seconds.

The website has sections that explains how the supplement works and some of the benefits that users can expect to get. By placing an order through this portal, customers are able to save time and enjoy convenience since they do not have to leave the comfort of their own homes or offices.

The company has a team of customer care representatives that are always on hand to assist with any inquiries or concerns that may be raised. Contact can be made through telephone or email depending on what is deemed more effective by the customer. In case the supplements are not delivered within agreed time frames, the company offers money back guarantee to ensure that clients are never disgruntled.

Overall this supplement does not seem to have any side effects because it is made of natural ingredients. At a cost of $39.95 per bottle, it is one of the most affordable blood pressure management products in the market today.




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