This Lean Fire XT review seeks to give you a straightforward, unbiased look at the product. Supplements are serious business. Not only are they a costly part of staying in shape, but they can make or break efforts to build your body.

“What you’ll find below is information on not just what’s in the supplement but also on how well it works and whether it’s a worthwhile purchase.”

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What’s In Lean Fire XT?

It’s always a good idea to know what is in a supplement. LeanFire XT has a good mixture of the stuff you recognize (green tea extract, fruit extracts, etc) and a few proprietary blends like BioPerine. It’s always frustrating to see proprietary blends in a supplement because you can’t ever be sure exactly what they are – but fear not, because these blends do seem to be trademarked fruit extracts at their core. If you’re looking for something totally transparent, this might turn you off. If you’re looking for something that’s mostly full of ingredients you already know, though, LeanFire XT rates quite well.

How Well Does Lean Fire XT Work?

It’s always important to start this section with the statement that every body is different. While there’s never any guarantee that a supplement will be the magic bullet for your weight-loss needs, LeanFire XT does step away from the pack by doing exactly as advertised. It gives both men and women a burst of energy and helps to curb one’s appetite, making it a great supplement. If there’s a downside, it’s the fact that it does tend to wear a bit thin as the day goes on – you’ll need some serious willpower to deal with cravings at night. Even with that said, LeanFire XT is still a product that works.

UPDATED November 3, 2017

A team member has been taking LeanFire XT for 6 months and has seen above average results both at the gym and in body transformation. “The supplement not only tastes great but it also has helped deliver huge gains.” Tom A. – New Jersey

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Lean Fire XT Customer Service

The customer service related to LeanFire XT is exactly what you’d expect from the product. If you’ve got a complaint, the company will listen and address your issue. The company doesn’t seem to go above and beyond to deal with problems, but it really doesn’t have to – it does everything that it supposed to do as it is. You probably won’t have to deal with the customer service aspect of things, but don’t fret if you do. LeanFire XT deserves a positive customer service rating, and it definitely outdoes some of its smaller competitors in this category.

Overall Value

LeanFire XT is a one-serving fat burner, so you’re not going to get quite as much out of the product as those that give you multiple daily servings. With that said, this also means that your purchase is going to stretch a little further – a great benefit for those who are looking to shop around. LeanFire XT has a middle-of-the-road price tag for fat burners, so the price shouldn’t be enough to turn anyone off. In terms of overall value, the product definitely deserves a positive rating. CLICK HERE FOR LEAN FIRE XT DISCOUNT

The Verdict

LeanFire XT is a good purchase for anyone who’s looking for a good nutrition supplement/fat burner. It is just as intense as some of the bigger-name competitors and will definitely do everything that it advertises. In an industry that’s often full of deceptive practices, a little bit of honesty goes a long way. LeanFire XT will give you more energy and it will help to curb your appetite. This product is definitely worth a try.



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